Author- Megha Shukla

Volume 1 Issue 1 (2020)

In the era of the 21st century where modernization is prevailing in the world where mainly transfer of technology is done there also exists a small sector of human community, whose sale is not bound to just technology but of human beings. These people in the lure of earning money sell human beings for various purposes and among those purposes, the most prevalent purpose is selling women for the purpose of prostitution.

In our country where around 1.4 Billion people are there and among this vast population the illiterate population is greater than the literate population leading to the non-reporting of the Cases of missing girls due to the societal status pressure where the questions are raised on the character of the girl herself and according to statistics most of the missing girls are pushed into
the business of prostitution by the pimps. Numerous girls are bought and sold in this market where they are considered as goods for the trader and for the buyer and have lost the status of being a human itself. Since this sort of crimes is not reported, the general public is not usually aware of the vastness of this business but on a certain level, they are all aware of the dangers of it.

This paper will focus on the Trafficking done for prostitution purpose, what are their rights that need to be protected by law, this paper will involve case studies of the victims. This paper is a voice for such people who have suffered this fate and are unheard of by society.

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