Volume 1 Issue 1 (2020)

Today, suicide has become a trend. It is a serious topic for today’s era. People have started committing suicide instead of finding solutions to their problems. It’s an act done due to the storm of emotions and mental instability. India has the highest suicide rate in all Asian countries. Suicide is different from ordinary death as it creates a disruptive psychosocial disorder and adverse effects on society. It’s an overall loss of family, friends and society. It is hard to stop suicides by creating havoc and punishments in a society like it was in India before the implementation of the Mental Health Act 2017, but it is important to spread awareness and to make people understand the importance of life. Not getting success is okay, but losing yourself and committing suicide due to such failure is always cowardice. It’s easy to start again from the beginning, rather than to kill ourselves for a temporary loss.
This article aims to provide the epidemiological and demographic factors of suicide in India and suggests strategies for the prevention of suicide.

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