Volume 1 Issue 3 (2021)

Prostitution which is considered as one of the oldest practiced profession is a typical phenomena in India, a country where people live in culture based society, doesn’t claim this trade and thus won’t grant it the legal status, despite in different cases The Supreme Court of India and various High courts have held this practice legal in India, the society does not accepts it as part of itself.

In Contemporary India, it is a vital need to channelize this practice as a result of which will grant legal status and recognition to the sex workers and might also decrease human trafficking. The present manuscript is concerned with aspects related to channelizing prostitution and how channelizing prostitution will benefit a number of persons in the society and the most significant point in granting basic human rights to sex workers so that they don’t get exposed to violations and harassment. The present paper also limelight and criticize the existing legal provisions which Superintend prostitution in India and why there is a need for an effective amendment.

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